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Ian Lynch ianrlynch at gmail.com
Mon Sep 10 02:35:09 PDT 2012

On 10 September 2012 01:51, S.Kemter <buergermeister at karl-tux-stadt.de> wrote:
> Am Mon, 10 Sep 2012 02:40:17 +0200
> schrieb Jakub Jankiewicz <jcubic at onet.pl>:
>> It's great but it seems that you use package that it's few years old,
>> the last one (which is snapshot on osuosl server
>> download.openclipart.org) have more then 700MB and it's 2 year old.
>> So I assume that when we get back packages, (We want to pack them
>> every month they will be openclipart-svg.<YEAR>.<MONTH>.tar.gz) it
>> will have more the 1GB of data, when compress.
>> We will also sync our database data with svg metadata (like tags title
>> and description) and maybe we will be able to fix their names. Some of
>> them are digits (I will now talking bad about Aiki here) We can
>> recreate names based on titles.
>> So they will be searchable, using Unix tools like grep and find or
>> will allow to create scripts that will parse svg matadata.
>> We can also sort them by tags and create symlinks (they will not be
>> recreated on windows) like
>> real files:
>> /people/...
>> symlinks:
>> /tags/
>> old packages is just dump of the folder.
> yes thats the point, maybe also for OOo/LibreOffice would be a good
> solution to make an import from ocal, like Inkscape has.
> But I would make that function better before doing that also for them.
> There are some problems with
> br gnokii

Ok, thanks for the info. I just went to the openclipart web site and
found what looked like the most comprehensive collection to download.

Most people do not know anything about metafiles, tags, grep etc.
Probably there are better ways of sorting but if you don't know what
they are they are not much use to you. I simply needed a collection of
folders with related images in each for an EU project.

I'm currently downloading the 756 meg file which I see has 3 gig of
data in it. So I can up date what I have so far. How easy/difficult
would it be to put a prominent link on the home page to enable
download of the entire most up to date collection to download all of
it? It was not obvious to me how to get the most up to date version of
all the images. Maybe I'm just unusual in wanting it ;-) I can be
selective in getting my definitive groupings. 3,000 images of an
electric guitar can be reduced to a few.

I know that some of the Linux distros include the library in the
Gallery in themes but looking at LibreO the gallery has themes by user
contributor rather than by picture type and for AOO the OpenClipart
library isn't included with the standard download. For Windows users
there is nothing more than the standard AOO images. So if I have
images sorted into types it is not too hard to import a whole group
into a gallery theme in AOO. To start with just some instructions and
do it manually. There are some problems to overcome like AOO/LibO not
fully supporting svg. Also a 1 Gb+  library is not easy to incorporate
with an automatic download and linking to the library on-line will not
be satisfactory for everyone. Maybe having a subset of the most
popular images with the basic distribution with options to add to it
or link on-line. Or link on-line and automatically download and sort
images into relevant gallery themes. I don't know how feasible this
is. So all I'm trying to do is provide some options that might be
helpful to some people while better more permanent solutions can be
considered and implemented.

On my own web site we use a subset of the open clipart library for
Drupal user accounts where students can provide evidence for their IT
qualifications and have some grouped images directly linked to their
accounts. That is now a bit out of date so I'll probably update it
once I have sorted out the error of using the old archive ;-)

If anyone has any suggestions or ideas in general please say. I'm
willing to learn but as is always the case time is always limited ;-)


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