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Jon Phillips jon at fabricatorz.com
Mon Mar 11 01:32:44 PDT 2013

This worked I believe before aiki, but think it was simply because there
wasn't a simple way to unzip the file, check the file contents and see what
was inside, so it was shut off.

Also, might have been IIRC some of those had bitmaps inside.

Sure, focus purely on SVG ;) SVGZ just means smaller files


On Mon, Mar 11, 2013 at 9:15 AM, Wolfgang Spraul
<wolfgang at fabricatorz.com>wrote:

> > it seams that they are not in database at all. This return 0:
> > select count(*) from ocal_files where filename like '%.svgz'
> yes but why? :-)
> Any insight into the history of this? I will do a quick matchup
> between files & database entries these days, maybe there are more
> files without any db entries?
> If nobody knows the history, I will just try to do 'the right thing'
> assuming that this is all good & valid stuff and I will recreate
> database entries and make them reappear. In the case of svgz, I will
> unzip them and drop support for uploading .svgz (if that even works
> now, unlikely since no new .svgz have been uploaded in 3 years).
> That way we can focus on svg... Anybody with historical knowledge?
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