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Jakub Jankiewicz jcubic at onet.pl
Mon Mar 11 01:44:14 PDT 2013

We will be able to use Search and replace using regex or XML parser in
php. There is no need to id on metadata there will be only one the file.

I once added they by hand to svg files I've upload to OCAL.

On Mon, 11 Mar 2013 04:12:54 -0400
Wolfgang Spraul <wolfgang at fabricatorz.com> wrote:

> > Tags from database are not embedded in svg files, but they should I
> > hope they will in new system. If svg in tarball contain tags and
> > descriptions...
> Can you post a little technical snippet of how exactly you would
> embed tags and description (and probably also source URL, author,
> license) into .svg ?
> In the <metadata> section? Any special id we should use?
> <metadata id="what?">
> Then rdf/cc/dc elements?
> There were some old .svgs in ocal that did this, but I am not sure
> whether all fields there are ideal or follow the latest guidelines...
> http://openclipart.org/people/nicubunu/nicubunu_RPG_map_symbols_tree_1.svg
> So what do we want to embed?
> 1. tags (I guess one separate entry for each tag)
> 2. title
> 3. description
> 4. author
> 5. year
> 6. license (pd)
> 7. url to ocal detail page for file
> more?

Jakub Jankiewicz, Web Developer
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