[Clipart] next historical question

Wolfgang Spraul wolfgang at fabricatorz.com
Tue Mar 12 02:23:31 PDT 2013

OK I have continued some cleanup, roughly summing up:

*) deleted about 500 .svg files that had pd_issue set in the
database, but were still present in the filesystem (and publicly
accessible). Also deleted about 4200 derivative .pngs of those
pd_issue graphics

*) imported about 500 old cch graphics into the database, and
deleted about 1000 duplicates of those graphics (see earlier

*) renamed about 200 files with .SVG (capitalized) extension
that didn't show up in the database. The database had a few
(13) .SVG graphics which I also renamed to .svg. Going forward,
I will try to disable .SVG (capitalized) or auto-lowercase for
new uploads.

Now I am looking at 6308 .svg files that show up in the filesystem,
but not in the database. They belong to the following users:

    962 ArtFavor
    785 Anonymous
    176 inky2010
     88 rejon
     84 gustavorezende
     80 pianoBrad
     73 Gerald_G
     69 brandynne
     68 slanteigne
     66 Merlin2525
     62 jiangyi_99
     57 cibo00
     54 gsagri04
     52 boobaloo
     51 10binary
plus another 856 users with less than 50 graphics, for a total of 6308.

Any idea what that might be? I think I will roughly do this:

1. make sure that all those users exist in the database, if not
create them.
2. check some graphics manually to understand whether they are old
'problem' uploads, spam, non-pd, duplicates, etc.
3. import all those 6308 into the database same as I did for the 'cch'
user this morning.

The problem with #3 is that unlike the cch import, this one will be
harder to reverse once I did it. In the cch case, it's all listed
under that specific user. But for these 6308 graphics, they are spread
out among hundreds of users. So once I import them, they will be
everywhere and if there are problems with those graphics, they would
need to be flagged pd_issue etc. and then deleted again.


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