[Clipart] final confirmation for proposed deletelist

Wolfgang Spraul wolfgang at fabricatorz.com
Tue Mar 12 18:00:29 PDT 2013

after the initial set of responses, I didn't see any new ones
coming in overnight. So I send this mail as a final notice that
I am planning to tarball and move-out-of-public the following
files on the server:


It would be great if bobaloo and rejon could check some of their
graphics in that list, but if I hear nothing else I think it's safe
to go ahead on my side. The various responses I got by mail and
in irc yesterday make me believe all those files should go, and
then what we have in the filesystem and in the db is in sync and
we can go from there.

I will

1) tarball the affected 6308 svg graphics
2) move the tarball to a private backup location and delete the
originals in the publicly accessible location
3) delete all derivative pngs for those graphics from the publicly
accessible location

If I hear nothing else, I will probably tarball & delete the
proposed-deletelist tomorrow or so (24h from now).
The next step after this is to work on a proper sitemap.xml,
which will become the basis for several planned improvements...

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