[Clipart] question about embedded bitmaps

Wolfgang Spraul wolfgang at fabricatorz.com
Mon Mar 18 22:17:48 PDT 2013

> Yes, please. I think we shouldn't have bitmaps in the SVGs. And if we
> have we should at least tag them.

Thanks for asking, so here we go.

The old embeded_images.txt listed 2250 files, but due to our recent
cleanups, that has gone down to 1627. I deleted embeded_images.txt
and uploaded this latest list:


It contains 1627 files, searching for "<image( |$)"
What we find is stuff like

  <image xlink:href="data:image/jpeg;base64,...
  <image xlink:href="data:image/png;base64,...
  <image xlink:href="data:;base64,..."
  <image xlink:href="/home/rileyp/..."
  <image xlink:href="C:\Documents and Settings\..."
  <image sodipodi:absref="/home/aki/..."

I also noticed that some svgs contain a tag <imageReplacement which
points to an extension. Then I saw some <foreignObject, not sure what
that is.

Next step? Should we tag the 1627 files in some way, "image_issue"?
And/or We could also delete all <image tags from the files?

BTW, what about the "clipart_issue" tag? There seem to be only about
100 clipart_issue graphics, what should we do with them?

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