[Clipart] question about releases

Wolfgang Spraul wolfgang at fabricatorz.com
Wed Mar 20 06:17:03 PDT 2013

> is this release likely to happen soon?  I would really like to

GREAT! I'd love to but it depends on feedback such as yours, or
people helping to speed up and guide ocal.

I am currently working on a proper sitemap that will list all svg.
Then I will write a script that makes a simple 'release' by just
going over that sitemap and downloading/collecting all files.
The last release from 2009 had a number of nice features such as
a gallery with small thumbnails, and it categorized graphics too.
I will try a simple tarball first, then make it better incrementally.

sitemap should be completed in 2-3 days? then the script to pull it
into a release, maybe another 2-3 days.

btw - I got no replies to my image_issue mail and questions, so
I will just go ahead and flag them with image_issue.

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