[compiz] patch for colored drop-shadow

Mirco Müller macslow at bangang.de
Tue Apr 25 11:28:09 PDT 2006

Greetings everybody!

	Here's a patch (against compiz from CVS-head about 30 min. ago) that
adds a shadow_color option to the parameters of the decoration-plugin. I
only needed to add a few lines to decoration.c and
gnome-window-decorator.c. The only thing missing is the compiz.schema. I
dare not touch that XML-file manually. So after you applied the patch,
recompiled compiz and restarted g-w-d and compiz you'll have to fire up
gconf-editor and add a string-parameter with the name shadow_color

	You can use the normal HTML-like syntax for defining the wanted color:

	#fff or #ffffff -> white
	#f00 or #ff0000 -> red
	#f73 or #ff7733 -> orange

	You get the idea. If you don't follow this scheme your setting will be
ignored. Note that there's no alpha/opacity value used. This is left
untouched. There's already the option shadow_opacity for this. BTW, it
takes a moment for the changed setting to apply. I don't know if that's
normal. David what's your call on this?

	Finally, here's a screenshot to show you how careful you should be with
chosing your new shadow_color :)


Best regards...

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