[compiz] Re: Feature request: Multi-head awareness in compiz and plugins

Colin Guthrie gmane at colin.guthr.ie
Fri Jun 30 00:51:25 PDT 2006

Martin Szulecki wrote:
> Support within Xglx is the base of everything related to this. I am sure
> you have a specific image of the best implementation structure in your
> head and it would certainly help to have it done otherwise this part of
> the Xgl/compiz combo is unable to make use of the community properly.
> Don't worry about compiz, once Xglx is multi-head-aware the compiz (and
> plugins) implementation will for sure catch up with a lot of patches
> from the community.

The community already has multihead features in compiz and the various 
plugins based on the xinerama patches. I just hope that when the 
multihead stuff is done properly in Xglx, that the changes to the code 
on the multihead side aren't too much hassle. HOpefully it'll save David 
some hassle on the compiz side, but perhaps not....

There is a lot of talk just now on the xorg mailing list about XRandR 
and how it will provide services for mutlihead stuff.

I'm sure that's begging out for a compiz plugin that does some stupid 
fancy animation to create two screens from one (despite it's 
pointlessness, I would love it ;))


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