[compiz] compiz does not group windows

dragoran dragoran at feuerpokemon.de
Wed Nov 15 03:09:07 PST 2006

I am using compiz in fc6 and have this problem (tryed 0.3.2 and still 
have the same issue):
When a window that have subwindows like gets minimized and I klick on it 
on the panels taskbar onle the subwindow shows up, but not the main 
window. I have to use alt+tab to open it. it also happens with floating 
buttonbars in openoffice so I add a list in openoffice it shows the bar 
with the buttons, I minimze it click on it on the taskbar and only the 
floating bar shows up, but not the office window which is really 
anoying. I can create a screencast showing this problem if you don't 
understand what I mean....
any plans to fix this?

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