[compiz] [ANNOUNCE] compiz-0.3.4

David Reveman davidr at novell.com
Wed Nov 22 09:14:35 PST 2006

Changes since 0.3.2:

* Core

        Support for multiple desktops (workspaces).

        Much better multi-head support. The workarea is calculated
        per output and windows are now maximized properly.

        Edge button option has been added to action options. It can
        be used to require a button press for edge actions to
        be triggered.

        Basic support from internal events. Plugins can use this
        to communicate.

* New Plugins

        Annotate plugin:

                Simple plugin that allows you to draw lines, figures
                and text on top of all windows.

        Clone plugin:

                This plugin makes it possible to make one output
                show the same view of your desktop as another output
                in a very convenient way.

                Currently it's more of a prototype as we need randr++
                and input transformation in the server to do this

* Updated Plugins

        Zoom plugin:

                Now works without the "largedesktop" feature that
                cube plugin and plane plugin provides.

                Different outputs can be zoomed independently.

                A new "zoom factor" option has been added.

        Cube Plugin:

                It now handles a "largedesktop" width that is less than
                four times your screen width much better.

                It now includes some initial support for multi-head
                support. Different viewports can be mapped to
                different cube sides.

        Scale Plugin:

                An "initiate all" option has been added and it can be
                used to scale down windows from all viewports.

        Decoration Plugin:

                Shadow color option has been added and
                gtk-window-decorator has been updated so that it's
                possible to change the color of drop shadows.

        Place Plugin:

                Updated to handle multiple outputs properly.

        Move Plugin:

                Updated to handle multiple outputs properly.


        Support for new metacity theme version and support for
        metacity versions < 2.15.21 has been added to

        Event window placement in gtk-window-decorator when using
        some metacity themes has been fixed.

* Important Bug fixes

        Fix a number of issues related to minimizing windows
        with transients.
        Handling of _NET_DESKTOP_GEOMETRY client messages has
        been fixed.



Git tag: compiz-0.3.4 (0d5d9cb6b9433de408981c312a4094b99c295162)

MD5 Sums:
f7777ceefa6582d0cc1c147d067fdc5f  compiz-0.3.4.tar.gz
101fd4a8fdb92caea6c10f6957273945  compiz-0.3.4.tar.bz2

SHA1 Sums:
78b88685fbfdc86265b4cb0bc96f6eb815f045cf  compiz-0.3.4.tar.gz
0ef8e775baf06b5a19a3044e3bff36972c12b91f  compiz-0.3.4.tar.bz2


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