[compiz] Flat file backend (ini)

Diogo Ferreira diogo at underdev.org
Thu Apr 5 11:42:28 PDT 2007

The current INI plugin seems to fail loading when there isn't a ~/.compiz
dir. Since most users won't have it I believe it makes sense to mkdir it
before trying to mkdir the sub-options directory.
I would have done it but since you use the get dir function a lot it would
mean changing the structure a little and since it's your plugin I think you
know best how to change it accordingly.


Diogo Ferreira

On 2/22/07, Mike Dransfield <mike at blueroot.co.uk> wrote:
> I have written an initial flat file configuration
> backend for Compiz.  At the moment it is using
> FAM for monitoring of files (it can be compiled
> without monitoring support for now).
> It is working fine but there are a couple of problems.
> 1. It looks like I should use addFileWatch rather than
> directly accessing FAM, is this correct?  I notice dbus
> uses addFileWatch rather than (*d->addFileWatch) is
> this intentional, and does it get wrapped in the same
> way?
> 2. I cannot see how to work out what the defaults are
> so that people can revert to default values.  As far as
> I know Compiz does not store the original value so the
> only way to revert back when someone deletes a config
> file is to reload Compiz.  I could keep the defaults in a
> separate system wide file, but that would probably have
> problems.  I like having it only rely on user config files.
> Would adding some default storage to the core make sense?,
> we could then have a dbus method which would revert an
> individual value easily.
> http://www.anykeysoftware.co.uk/compiz/plugins/ini.c
> http://www.anykeysoftware.co.uk/compiz/plugins/Makefile.ini
> Any other comments or suggestions are welcome
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