[compiz] Post unification

Jigish Gohil jigish.gohil at gmail.com
Fri Apr 6 00:10:19 PDT 2007

Hello Community

Congratulations everyone for the reunification.

To kick off the process, shall we finalize channels we are going to
use for communication so that all the developers involved know what is
going on and where. Which ML and IRC would be used for 'semi-official'
communication etc.

1. Danny, Quinn and Marex have already started working on
compiz-plugins-beryl-premerge tree on http://gitweb.beryl-project.org.
The tree has a complete build system with ./autogen.sh && make && make
install set up.

2. Mikedee is keeping tarballs of individually packaged plugins, users
would have to make && make install them individually and apply
schemas. Are we going to use one of these methods of distribution or

3. Cornelius is working on animation plugin at git.compiz.org which is
part of Mikedee's tarball but not of the tree at beryl-project. So how
is development going to take place, all independent or in one place?

4. Compiz core and compiz-extras tarball is using gconf schemas, while
compiz-plugins-beryl-premerge is using bcop options for settings

5. In Compiz translated strings are part of gconf schemas, in beryl we
fetched the strings from the plugin and libberylsettings handled
conveying translated strings to the frontend, how will it be handled

6. libbs for ini, gconf and kconfig backends for settings frontends is
in works, I am not sure of its status.

7. I have a vague idea that someone is working on a settings frontend,
not sure of the status too though.

Could someone fill in the gaps and keep everyone updated.

Thanks and have a great time ahead.


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