[compiz] Compiling compiz 0.5.0 on SLED 10 SP1

Johan Kotze jkotze at novell.com
Sun Apr 8 12:58:50 PDT 2007


I am trying to compile compiz 0.5.0 on SLED 10 SP1. I have installed all the requirements as per the docs but when I run
./configure I get the following error: 

      checking for COMPIZ... configure: error: Package requirements (libpng xcomposite               xfixes             
    xdamage                        xrandr                  xinerama                ice                     sm
libstartup-notification-1.0 >= 0.7) were not met: 

     No package 'xrandr' found 
     No package 'xinerama' found 
     No package 'ice' found 
     No package 'sm' found 

The packages that it complains about are all part of xorg and all the xorg devel files are installed. What am I missing

Johan Kotze 
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