[compiz] Python plugin (Python API for Compiz)

Mike Dransfield mike at blueroot.co.uk
Tue Apr 10 11:10:54 PDT 2007

Travis Watkins wrote:
> On 4/10/07, Mike Dransfield <mike at blueroot.co.uk> wrote:
>> Removing WRAP/UNWRAP totally seems virtually impossible
>> without losing a lot of functionality.  If I make them just provide
>> a named method then I have to check each plugins attributes
>> one by one and they would still have to call unwrap/call/wrap
>> themselves during the wrapped function.  Notice how inactive
>> calls the core method at a specific point, that would be hard
>> to do without the wrap function.
>> If anyone has any ideas on making wrap/unwrap less
>> complicated without removing the functionality then I would
>> like to hear about it :)
> In this case I see no reason why you couldn't UNWRAP immediately and
> WRAP at the end of the method so having the C side do it for you would
> still work. Anyway, the wrap/unwrap methods could still be available
> for special cases but I can't think of a time when automatically doing
> it at the start and end of a method would ever limit you.

I suppose this could be possible, I hadn't thought of doing that.  I know
a couple of plugins that separate the wrap from the call but I am not sure
what that achieves.

The python plugin writers would still need to call the core function, but
we could probably avoid the surrounding wrap/unwrap as well as
automatically wrapping functions in the init/fini functions.

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