[compiz] incomplete window contents when unminimizing

Erkin Bahceci erkinbah at gmail.com
Wed Apr 11 01:29:23 PDT 2007


Using Xgl, when a window is unminimized, sometimes (especially with
Firefox), the window contents are not immediately visible (partially
or completely) until an unminimize animation is completed. That is,
sometimes there are empty (transparent) rectangles within the window
(maybe corresponding to some Mozilla controls), and sometimes the
whole window is empty (only the decoration is visible). This is more
of an issue with cpu-hungry effects (well, most of them if you are
using Xgl + fglrx).

To avoid this, I want to wait until the window contents are *fully*
available before I start any unminimize animations. My question is how
can I know the right time? Is there a certain place in core that I can
maybe throw a notification event from for this? If not, what is the
best way to solve this problem? Should I just wait for a certain
amount of time for certain applications (like Firefox)?


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