Fwd: [compiz] Fullscreen windows(videos) and Compiz

Cedric gnumdk at gmail.com
Wed Apr 11 02:31:40 PDT 2007

2007/4/10, Danny Baumann <dannybaumann at web.de>:
> Ok, given the fact that we posted two pretty similar patches independent
> from each other and that the window raising on fullscreen and
> maximization changes is considered desired behaviour by a number of
> users, I just went ahead and pushed out your patch, extended by window
> raising on a maximization change.
> Regards,
> Danny

Just to give my point of view, i'm not sure it's good to raise a window on
maximisation/fullscreen. It's the default in metacity but not in Kwin...
Kwin never raise windows on maximize/fullscreen events.

I think this patch break "sloppy focus"/"don't raise on click" behaviour =>
You wants to play with below windows without changing stacking.

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