[compiz] Patch for ini plugin

Mike Dransfield mike at blueroot.co.uk
Wed Apr 11 07:53:46 PDT 2007

Patrick Niklaus wrote:
> Hi,
> recently I took a look at ini to find a bug which made it crash at
> startup. While fixing the bug I realized I could do some improvements
> to the option reading code (espacally the action part).
> So I went on and here we are.
> This patch should make ini more robust, clean it up and fix also some
> more crashes I had here.

Thanks very much.  I have applied this patch and will push it out in a

The only changes I made were to change comments to /* */ style and
to make the brackets cuddle up.

> Additionaly, I have a attached a second patch from Maniac which should
> fix a couple of memory leaks in iniSaveOptions.

This patch failed to apply either before or after yours, would
it be possible to reformat this patch once yours are out?

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