[compiz] Bug with kde applications and damageWindowRect wrapping...

Bellegarde Cedric gnumdk at gmail.com
Thu Apr 12 06:57:42 PDT 2007

Here is a bug that make me insane since a lot of time.
Randomly, when launching an kde application, i can see it appear on screen
and then being placed by place plugin.
I look at place plugin code and everything looks ok...

Here a screenshot of the bug, as you can see, window first appear at this
"non placed" position, then, it will be removed and place by place plugin
... As all this is executing fastly, you get a really bad looking effect on

But, this only affect kde applications, i can't reproduce this with a gtk
application ....

Really don't understand what is happening :(

If someone can confirm this bug ...
Run this in an xterm with smart placement method:
while true; do konsole & sleep 1; killall konsole; done

Look at the screen, you should randomly see the bug at konsole window

Bellegarde Cedric
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