[compiz] Python plugin (Python API for Compiz)

Mike Dransfield mike at blueroot.co.uk
Mon Apr 16 11:05:46 PDT 2007

I have just made another round of improvements and fixes.

The main fixes have been to the memory usage and to
add some forgotten functions.

There are now 8 python plugins included in the package

basiczoom - Same as before, just a basic zoom

desktopmenu - Activates a menu when clicking on
the desktop.  It uses the menu program in the desktopmenu

doc - Just generates the compiz.html documentation.  This
is the smallest possible compiz plugin.

inactive - Makes inactive windows desaturated.

pyplane - A python version of the plane plugin, it is planned
to add extra features not in plane now.

pywallpaper - A copy of the wallpaper plugin which shows
different wallpapers on the root window (ie. without a desktop
window).  This is improved over the C version because it is more
stable and it supports vertical viewports.

seethru - A copy of fakeargb to test the fragment function
interface.  It seems to work identically to the C version.  It
toggles between making everything black transparent and
making everything white transparent.

triangle - Same as before, basic GL example.



Thanks to RYX for desktopmenu, pyplane, pywallpaper and
CompWindow utility functions.

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