[compiz] Re: --skip-gl-yield

Mike Dransfield mike at blueroot.co.uk
Fri Apr 20 09:39:56 PDT 2007

Colin Guthrie wrote:
> Kristian Lyngstøl wrote:
>> I think it's appropriate to extend the existing manager-program(s) so
>> they also do the system checks Beryl currently does in core. This will
>> keep compiz-core clean, and present users with a single tool to start
>> things up, without having to know what options to use.
>> It's a fact that the system checks in beryl, combined with the
>> integrated settings, makes starting it up beryl a lot easier than
>> compiz. However, I agree that these things shouldn't have to be in
>> compiz, but there's no reason not to have them in an other application
>> all together.
> I'll be honest and say that I don't like beryl-manager. I never use it.
> I've made sure my distro is capable of loading the user's window manager
> of choice correctly without the need for the manager.
> To me starting kwin or metacity etc. and then killing them and replacing
> them with compiz/beryl just seems a little hacky.
> In Mandriva we've made sure that our X startup process can check system
> and or user preferences as to what Window manager etc. they want.
> Now I concede that hacks such as __GL_YEILD  and the --use-copy etc. are
> not handled here (they can be configured manually however), so some sort
> of auto-selection stuff is handy. However, I would have thought that
> these should go in wrapper scripts rather than a compiled GUI
> application as they could then be used in more places - e.g. in X
> startup scripts.

I think this is the best idea all round, if there is a generic start script
it can be used in any situation.

My idea was that there could be 2 scripts involved. 

1. There would be a very basic start script which just reads ~/.compizrc
and starts compiz with those options and hacks.
2.  If this file is not found, a separate script could be run who's only 
job is
to attempt to guess a good config file and write it out.

This way detection does not need to be done at each startup and
problems can be permanently fixed by updating .compizrc.

This file could also store the initial plugins so that different users 
start with different plugins.

I think something like this should be included in the distribution so
that it is much more standard.  At the moment everyone has their own
startup scripts.

What do you think?, I think the run script can be done very easily and
the detection script can be worked out over time.  People will have to
manually set ~/.compizrc initially, but that should not be too hard.

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