[compiz] [PATCH] Fix unredirect fullscreen windows

Vasek Potocek vasek.potocek at post.cz
Wed Apr 25 11:41:14 PDT 2007

David Reveman napsal:
> On Mon, 2007-04-23 at 18:04 -0700, James Jones wrote:
>> While trying to reproduce an error with input handling and 
>> unredirect fullscreen windows, I noticed the option didn't work at 
>> all in compiz master.  This patch gets it working again.
> Yes, I guess that's been broken since we added the new occlusion
> detection code.
> Thanks,
> - David


am I the only one having the following problem with unredirect_...? The fullscreen windows (think of xscreensaver) very 
often remain visible after "unmapping" and only the mouse cursor changes according to what should be where on screen. I 
thought invoking cube rotation or so could help (redrawing all the screen), but it does not, I need to launch and kill 
xscreensaver again hoping that time it will succeed. This, obviously, prevents me from using this option. I hoped this 
patch was meant for that issue, but it doesn't help here...

To be exact, I have seen this only with xscreensaver, but since I am not a gamer, I have only that and mplayer to test.
However, this is nothing serious for me, it can be caused by any part of the chain, and if it is rare, I don't want 
anyone to spend his time hunting this bug :-)

- Vasek [nVidia GeForce FX5200]

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