[compiz] [PATCH]Make wobbly's bezier patch to work with grids that aren't 4x4.

Roi Cohen roico.beryl at gmail.com
Thu Apr 26 07:30:05 PDT 2007


Recently, I started taking a look at wobbly's source (I was interested
in it's physics... ;-))
I noticed that GRID_WIDTH and GRID_HEIGHT were defined to be 4, and I
wanted to see how the physics look like with grid sizes that aren't
I changed the defines to my new grid size, but unfortunately it didn't work.
I investigated this "bug" (it's not exactly a bug because users can't
change the grid size), and found out the bezier patch was written for
specifically 4x4 grids.
The attached patch makes the bezier patch to work on every grid size
defined (grid sizes could even be an option, although i think 4x4
indeed gives the best effect).

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