[compiz] Maximized windows dissappear

Jesper Andersen jespera at diku.dk
Fri Apr 27 00:05:17 PDT 2007


I am using the lastest git version of compiz and just run in to a new
problem after switching to using the ini configuration plugin over the
gconf-one. When I maximize a window and then try to move it to another
viewport, the cube rotates but the maximized window disappears instead
of moving along to the new viewport. The maximized window can be found
using the scale plugin (only on show-all action). Further, if I then try
to unmaximize the window, the window again disappears and I have to use
scale's show-all action. Now, however the window appears in some random
almost out of viewport location and I have to drag it back into

I do not know whether it was my switch to the ini plugin that caused
this annoying change in behavior.

What gives? Could it be that I should load the plugins in a different


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