[compiz] Re: [PATCH] Transparent cube

Dennis Kasprzyk onestone at beryl-project.org
Sat Apr 28 17:19:17 PDT 2007

Am Samstag, 28. April 2007 15:35 schrieb Vasek Potocek:
> Hello,
> is there any way of utilizing OpenGL's depth test instead of the paint
> order? If I understand it well, the aim here is to get it looking _like_
> with depth test. I understand that shifting windows by an "infinitesimal"
> offset in the z direction would lead to various problems, but isn't is
> possible to persuade OpenGL somehow to use different coordinate for the
> depth test than for the perspective projection? (It would require a little
> bit more math than I outlined here, but should be possible.)
> V.
For transparency effects you can't use a depth test, you have to paint the 
whole screen from back to front.


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