[compiz] White boarders on size 32 shadows. Intel platform only

Sam Spilsbury smspillaz at gmail.com
Sun Apr 29 02:43:29 PDT 2007

Recently, I brought up a topic about white boarders being drawn instead of
shadows in Gnome-Window-Decorator. A patch was made up by gandalfn to
correct this by making 32 pixel shadows 33 pixels, however the patch was not
committed because it was a workaround.

This is a huge functional annoyance to us intel users and needs to be cured.
There are two soultions I can think of:

1 Get in contact with the X.org i810 team and ask them to correct the issue
in their driver which does not allow 32 pixel shadows to be drawn.
2 Allow the user to specify in GConf or something the depth of the shadows
that GWD creates. Emerald from Beryl currently allows this so I don't
understand why it would be too hard to implement.

Yes I *know* #2 is more like a workaround but at least it allows the user to
specify how big they want this shadows to be. (Please dont confuse this with
X-offset adn Y-Offset).

Also, could we please stick the topic this time and make sure that another
problem does not get fixed instead of mine.
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