[compiz] ATI and GLX_EXT_texture_from_pixmap error

Paul Wellner Bou paul at purecodes.org
Sun Apr 29 06:35:12 PDT 2007

Hello just another time,

I read a lot more of documentation and now I finally found the reason of 
my damn slow X server (the X server without compiz was slow, too and I 
never found the reason why).

Well, If someone is having a problem with performance and acceleration 
with an ATI radeon 7500, you'll have to read and apply the config 
options at the bottom of the document.


Works great.

Regards, Paul.

I wrote:
> Although I won't use it... as it is slower as I thought it was. I saw it 
> on my old Laptop (i815, celeron 1.13, 256 RAM) and it worked almost 
> great there, but with my 1600x1200 screen here... puh...
> Perhaps I'll by an nvidia soon.

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