[compiz] compiz-scheme. Interactive prompt and example startup file.

Robert Carr racarr at beryl-project.org
Sun Apr 29 07:52:51 PDT 2007

Beyond the general work on compiz-scheme (new wrappings, hooks, code
improvements, etc), I've added a few large new things:

1. Key bindings with modifiers. This lets you from any of your scheme
files/interactive prompt bind an arbitrary key + modifier to an
arbitrary scheme function. So you can define new Compiz behaviors and
shortcuts on the fly.

2. An interactive prompt. This sets up a PTTY and connects xterm to
one end, and compiz-scheme to the other. You can then enter scheme
expressions and have them evaluated by compiz-scheme on the fly. You
can hit super+o to hide/show this.

3. An example startup file
(compcomm/plugins/compiz-scheme/startup-example.scm on
opencompositing.org GIT). The startup file contains the following:
   Opacity for dropdown menus
   Opacity for tooltips.
   Opacity when moving/resizing windows.
   Shade maximized windows when grabbing them.
   Keybinding for raising all GAIM windows.
   Keybinding for toggling shade on all windows.
   Keybinding for toggling half opacity on maximized windows.
   Keybinding for moving all windows to the current viewport (say to
recover lost

What I want to do next with this is:
    1. Add option setting functions.
    2. Implement place inside of a scheme script.
    3. Fill in another 30 or so missing utility functions.
    4. Pretty-print to interactive prompt.

It's also worth noting that it's developed in
compcomm/plugins/compiz-scheme rather than users/racarr/compiz-scheme

Once again if you have any questions on how to do something in
compiz-scheme, feel free to ask.


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