[compiz] Horizontally maximized window on last viewport

Jesper Andersen jespera at diku.dk
Fri Feb 2 03:03:44 PST 2007


I posted this on the forum as well, but there were no responses to it. I
now posting it here just in case anybody cares.

Anyway, Compiz is a very nice program. Thanks for all the effort you put
into making it.

I am using the latest git version of compiz and it really works great
for being an "unstable" version. 

Anyway, I noticed the following strange behavior and was wondering if
anybody else experince the same: 

When I have a window maximized horizontally on the last viewport (4) and
try to switch to that window (using either switcher or scale) from the
first viewport (1), the cube rotates to the proper viewport (4) but the
window is moved to the first viewport (1). Shocked

If I then swap to the first viewport (1) again to see the horizontally
maximized window and then toggle the horizontally maximized state, the
window moves back to some other viewport (I have not examined if there
is a pattern to this). 

I am using gentoo and a slightly patched version of libwnck 2.16.2 (from
the xeffects overlay) and have not tried with any other version of
libwmnck as I was not sure libwnck was to blame. 

Anyways, the surprising behavior of the escaping window only occurs when
the horizontally maximized window is on viewport 4 and I try to switch
to it from viewport 1. 

Interestingly, I observe the same behavior under beryl regardless of
window decorator (well: for heliodor and emerald at least, I have not
yet tried any KDE related decorator) 

So! Anyone experiencing the same? 


p.s. Oh! btw. when the window is not maximized horizontally (that would
include: vertically, ordinary, and not maximized), the mentioned
behavior is not observed.

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