[compiz] window matching interface and the new match option

David Reveman davidr at novell.com
Mon Feb 26 04:40:31 PST 2007

There's now an extensible window matching interface in head.

Initial commit message:

    Add extensible match interface. Match objects can be used for
    window matching but other objects than windows will likely be
    supported sometime soon. A match object contains a boolean tree
    of expressions and each expression can be implemented by a
    different plugin. The core interface only provides window type
    Plugins can provide any kind of matching by wrapping
    the matchInitExp display function. When doing so they
    are responsible for calling the matchExpHandlerChange
    function when their ability to evaluate expressions
    changed (e.g. when being activated or deactivated).
    They should also call the matchPropertyChanged function
    when a window property that might affect evaluation of
    an expression changed.

Any kind of matching can be done with these match objects. Core
currently support simple things like window type, window state, window
ID and I'll probably add a bunch more as I find them useful. If you have
any window properties that you find useful for matching, please let me
know and I'll consider adding them. Whether they get added to the core
or not doesn't matter as you can always put the matching in a plugin. 

I've added a regex plugin that provides regular expression matching for
window title and other string properties. It probably needs some more
work for multi-language support but it's a good example for how to write
a plugin that extents the match interface.

Plugins can use match objects for general window matching but the most
common case is probably things like the old window type option where
what windows an effect or action should apply to is made configurable. A
new match option type exists for this and it's very easy to use. I've
converted all plugins in the master branch to use the new match option
instead of the old window type option. Look at the changes to figure out
how to convert other plugins. In general you can just replace window
type options with match options but you should keep in mind that any
kind of matching can be done by these new match options so you should
avoid using them in performance critical code, like each time a window
is painted.

Here's a few use cases that you can try out today if you just pull the
latest bits from the master branch.

1. Simple window matching for a specific action. I've added a
focus_prevention_match option which allow you to specify which windows
focus prevention should apply to. E.g. when having the regex plugin
loaded you can set the option to something like this:

"(!class=Gecko | title=*Pref*) & !class=*terminal*"

2. Keep a consistent state which depend on some window properties. The
blur plugin now include an option which allow you to specify for which
windows destination blur should be automatically enabled when no window
property is set. If you set that option to:


the plugin will need to know when the title changes to something that
might make that match no longer true or the other way around. The
matchWindowPropertyChanged function exists for that purpose and by
wrapping that function you'll know when some window property that might
affect the window matching you're doing have changed and you can then
re-valuate the matching for that window. 

3. Can be use to dynamically specific which windows an action should
apply to. I've updated the initiate actions in the scale plugin so it's
possible to provide a match option as argument to any one of them. This
means that an external source can initiate scale mode for a specific set
of windows. E.g. by using the dbus plugin you can do this

dbus-send --type=method_call --dest=org.freedesktop.compiz /org/freedesktop/compiz/scale/allscreens/initiate org.freedesktop.compiz.activate string:'root' int32:`xwininfo -root | grep id: | awk '{ print $4 }'` string:'match' string:'class=Gnome-terminal'

to initiate scale mode only for gnome-terminal windows. You can use
something like "string:'xid=0xc1cd78 | xid=0xc200a0 | xid=0xc2100b'"
instead if you want to specify the exact windows.

We'll probably find more use cases as plugins which provide more
interesting matching emerge. I can imagine that matching based on window
updates per minute or pixels changed per second could be useful and
wouldn't be hard to implement.

If you have any questions related to this or if you have problem
converting some plugin to use the new match option, please let me know.

- David

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