[compiz] window matching interface and the new match option

Danny Baumann dannybaumann at web.de
Tue Feb 27 06:07:00 PST 2007


> Or you could call it the obs plugin ;)

Yes, I did exactly that in Beryl ;)

> The bso plugin should not exist because it does not actually
> do the work of changing the paint values.  It just sets the atoms
> which core responds to, so it is just a hack.

I disagree. obs (as well as bs before) changes both paint values and the
BTW, Beryl's obs plugin is public domain, so it could be in Compiz as
well :)

> I personally think the actions for bs should be in core, but on
> the other hand, how useful would they be?  If they are not used
> by most people then to them it is just bloat.  I think changing the
> opacity is very common but not brightness or saturation.

Well, IMO opacity shouldn't be in core, too. Opacity changing isn't
really a core compentence of a window manager, even if it is a composite
one. Having all paint modifier changing in one plugin is the solution
that makes most sense for me.



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