[compiz] window matching interface and the new match option

Bellegarde Cedric gnumdk at gmail.com
Tue Feb 27 08:44:07 PST 2007

Le mardi 27 février 2007, vous avez écrit :
> My point is that most of the window painting stuff is handled by
> core, so to really have an opacity/brightness/saturation plugin, you
> should remove either all the functionality or none of it.

Hmm, changeWindowOpacity(), increaseOpacity(), decreaseOpacity() have nothing 
to do with painting stuff, i think.

changeWindowOpacity() isn't defined in compiz.h, compiz works really well if 
you remove it ... Who need to change opacity by hand? I think nobody...

That's why i think it should go in a plugin and have nothing to do in core... 
If few people need this, it should go in a plugin...

>If you were going to pull that out, you could as easily pull out the window
>close/maximize options and continue with most of them.

You can't use compiz without close/maximize, it's not the same.
But i think that all the "run command" stuff may go in a plugin for exemple, 
you don't need this to use a window manager...

I may be wrong ;) and will be happy to have David behaviour about this.


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