[compiz] CompComm has a real name!

Jeffrey Laramie imnotpc at ubaight.com
Wed Jun 20 07:11:18 PDT 2007

Our previous attempts to select a project name for CompComm have not gone 
well. We tried a poll but the names in the poll were not pre-qualified to 
determine if they were usable and the “winning” name was also a strongly 
disliked name. Kristian and I each proposed a plan to select a name, but that 
effort got sidetracked by a massive flame war on the mailing list.

While our community has some democratic features, ultimately it is a 
meritocracy and the people who contribute the most value have the most say. 
So in the end a decision was made by the majority of the people who have 
contributed the most.

That doesn't mean that all the discussion was wasted. In fact the chosen name 
wasn't proposed by any of the leaders, but was proposed in one of the naming 
threads (michael.krog's post was the first place I saw it). It was 
immediately popular and received very few negative comments.

I'm pleased to announce that the chosen name of our project and community is:

Compiz Fusion

For the record, the following developers and admins either participated in and 
supported the selection process (not all voted yes), or have stated their 
support for the name:

David Reveman, Erkin Bahceci (cornelius), Guillaume Seguin (iXce), Dennis 
Kasprzyk (onestone), Jigish Gohil (cyberorg), Danny Baumann (maniac), Patrick 
Niklaus (marex), Roi Cohen (roico), Alex Heck (nesl247), Robert Carr 
(racarr), Kristian Lyngstøl (kristianLy), Rico Pfaus (RYX) (conditional), 
Quinn Storm (QuinnStorm) and Jeffrey Laramie (imnotpc).

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