[compiz] Nvidia performance bug and vterm switching bug

okasion okasion at gmail.com
Sat Mar 10 19:36:36 PST 2007

This has been a long problem with Compiz that NVIDIA never fixed,
intermittent performance problems such as hick ups; the problem is easily
reproducible moving the cursor while opening programs such as Firefox or
Until Compiz 0.3.4 this bug was fixed setting the __GL_YIELD environment
variable to "NOTHING" in Compiz environment.
Since Compiz 0.3.6 setting the __GL_YIELD environment variable to "NOTHING"
is not enough, but launching Compiz WITHOUT "--unredirect-rendering" is also
needed to fix this. So whats the problem using direct-rendering? using
direct-rendering triggers the NVIDIA vterm switching bug, that makes the
screen keep black on vterm switching. If one clicks at the black screen, a
hard reboot is needed; the only solution is to kill X and start it again.
Also, for some people like me, using --indirect-rendering gives better
performance than using direct rendering.
I hope someone fix this before Compiz 0.4.x is out, and make it work at
least as it worked in Compiz 0.3.4.

Thanks in advance.
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