[compiz] compiz workarounds plugin and firefox on Fedora 8

Danny Baumann dannybaumann at web.de
Sun Oct 28 01:30:31 PDT 2007


> >> Gitweb seems tob e out of order for 0.6, but commit
> >> f6c2f52156aaaf5bc3fc4718de85e1befc92dca1 in the 0.6.0 branch for
> >> plugins-main should be what you're looking for.
> >>
> >>
> > thx!
> > will build a new f8 package ASAP.
> From the id I think Danny is referring to this:
> http://gitweb.opencompositing.org/?p=fusion/plugins-
> main;a=commit;h=f6c2f52156aaaf5bc3fc4718de85e1befc92dca1


> However I think it depends on other commits as I get an undefiend
> symbol
> when applying jsut this commit to 0.6.0 release, so I guess you'll need
> to cherry pick several commits to get this working (or just run the git
> vversion!). I'm currently too drunk to work out what's needed so you're
> on your own until I sober up or someone else points out more details :p

Sorry, I forgot to tell that. You'll also need commit
fcf7c3f00d02e141973939afacf587364715ecdd. The first one contained some merge



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