[compiz] compiz --replace ccp & AND libIndirectGL.so.1- Conundrum

David C. Rankin J.D. P.E. drankinatty at suddenlinkmail.com
Mon Oct 29 09:32:45 PDT 2007


	I am narrowing down the reason that compiz will not autostart on my
Toshiba P35 laptop running openSuSE 10.3.

	There seems to be a mutual exclusion between being able to do manual
start with "compiz --replace ccp &" and having compiz start at all with
"libIndirectGL.so.1" present in /usr/lib.

	To get compiz to start on my system, I must manually rename the link
for libIndirectGL.so.1 or compiz will refuse to run (period).

	For starters, when my desktop loads, it looks like it is trying to
start compiz, the deep shadow behind the cursor is there, but then it
loads kwin. Under control center -> sessions manager, there is no way to
select compiz or any other desktop manager. kwin is present, but greyed out.

	To then start compiz, I must manually run fusion-icon. Running
fusion-icon Compiz starts just fine. Why compiz-manager doesn't run or
complete running fusion-icon on start is a standing question.

	If the libIndirectGL.so.1 link is present, fusion-icon will not run or
start compiz. I can't explain why. Renaming libIndirectGL.so.1 allows
fusion-icon to run.

	However, trying a manual start with "compiz --replace ccp &" fails if
libIndirectGL.so.1 is not there. That is the conundrum. There seems to
be a "catch 22" on my system between having, or not having, the
libIndirectGL.so.1 link present.

	What can we test or try to solve this problem? Any thoughts?


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