[compiz] Running Compiz in XGL

Dotan Cohen dotancohen at gmail.com
Tue Apr 29 15:01:05 PDT 2008

I have a Dell Inspiron with the ATI x1400 video card. In Ubuntu 7.04 I
ran Compiz-Fusion in XGL with the fglrx drivers and the system was
very responsive. I noticed no performance penalties at all. In Ubuntu
8.04 I am running Compiz natively with the current fglrx drivers, and
the system is sluggish. Disabling Compiz makes the system very
responsive. So I am interested in running Compiz in XGL like I had in
7.04. Is this advised? Are there and disadvantages? I specifically
need the Enhanced Zoom Desktop and Negativity plugins. Thanks in

Dotan Cohen


A: Because it messes up the order in which people normally read text.
Q: Why is top-posting such a bad thing?

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