[compiz] Running Compiz in XGL

Dotan Cohen dotancohen at gmail.com
Tue Apr 29 19:07:16 PDT 2008

2008/4/30 Joel Bosveld <joel.bosveld at gmail.com>:
> You don't need to do anything to enable aiglx, just removing xgl should
> work. "sudo apt-get remove xserver-xgl", though in ubuntu you can create an
> extra file, and it will just not start xgl, which will have the same effect
> (I am just not sure which file that is). Also, compiz won't work with that
> card and the open drivers, so you will have to use fglrx. (just uninstall
> xgl and see if the performance increases)
> Joel
> .

Thank you very much, Joel. Removing xgl has made the machine very,
very responsive. I'm still using Compiz and the fglrx driver. I'll
file a bug at Ubuntu suggesting that they disable xgl in these
configurations. Thanks!

Dotan Cohen


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