[compiz] Java animations, Google Earth flashing with Compiz enabled

Adam K Kirchhoff adamk at voicenet.com
Fri May 2 04:36:17 PDT 2008

On Fri, 2 May 2008 14:24:33 +0300
"Dotan Cohen" <dotancohen at gmail.com> wrote:

> On a Dell Inspiron E1505 / 6400 with the ATI x1400 video card running
> the fglrx driver on Kubuntu 8.04, I have some video problems while
> running Compiz. I am not using XGL, in fact, I removed it from the
> system as it was causing performance issues. The symptoms I describe
> here were present before removing XGL, as well as after.
> The test applet on java.com flashes (as if it disappears between
> animation frames). Google Earth also flashes on manual navigation, but
> 'sight seeing' animates fine. Google Earth popup dialogs, such as
> those for displaying user-submitted photographs, do not display but
> parts of their UI do display.

The Xorg direct rendering infrastructure does not support direct
rendering of redirected windows, which means you will get serious
flickering and rendering issues with compiz and fglrx on AIGLX.  The
same is true for the open source intel and radeon drivers.  This will
be resolved in Xorg once DRI2 is stabilized and released, and then the
various drivers will have to be updated.  There is no timetable for
this yet.  This would explain the issues you have with Google Earth,
though not necessarily with java (unless, of course, the java applet is
using your systems opengl libraries).


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