[compiz] . Re: Java animations, Google Earth flashing with Compiz

Karthik Ramgopal applefreakpeeps at gmail.com
Sun May 4 06:21:48 PDT 2008

Dear Dotan,
                   The problem of flashing/flickering in 3D apps/ videos
with Xv enabled on account of non-redirection is limited to AIGLX and not an
issue at all with XGL and compiz. fglrx till date has many mem leaks and
crappy 3d performance on linux especially with compiz enabled. If you want
to use these apps with compiz, for now use XGL. Else just disable compiz
temporarily when you use them under AIGLX until DRI2 stabilizes and all
drivers incorporate the changes in the rendering infrastructure. (PS: Fusion
icon allows you to easily enable/disable compiz)

Karthik Ramgopal
BITS Pilani
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