[compiz] What Happened to Compiz in (compiz-0.7.4-11.1)

Danny Baumann dannybaumann at web.de
Thu May 8 02:12:55 PDT 2008


> This isn't a cross post.

It's even worse: It's a repost without reference to your original
discussion (which is located at

> 	Wobbly windows seems to have changed in the last release and for the worse. On 
> narrow windows, title bar now expands and contracts big time which has 
> radically changed the look of the effect. If you grab the title bar on the far 
> left or right and move it around a little bit, the corner where you grab will 
> have exaggerated movement compared to the remainder of the title bar. It looks 
> really crazy. Is this a change? Is this a bug? Is there an option that will 
> minimize one end of the title bar moving more than the other?

There were no relevant changes to the wobbly plugin in the last 15
months. Commits since then only tracked infrastructure changes, and none
of them touched the actual physics model. That means that the source of
your problem is most likely outside of the Compiz source.

For the record: Wobbly works just fine here.



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