[compiz] Why does gdk_window_get_frame_extents give me different results on compiz vs. metacity?

Karl H. Beckers karl.h.beckers at gmx.net
Mon May 26 01:56:29 PDT 2008

Hi all,

I'm trying to do some window positioning for a GTK window. I compute
positions based on current window sizes and that works well under
metacity using gdk_window_get_frame_extents.

Under compiz positioning is all off, because that function yields
different results with windows decorations being the same (gnome window
decorator etc.).

With mc I get a height of 67, with compiz of 43 which very much sounds
like the height without decorations.

Is there a good reason for this to be like that? Should GDK be smarter,
or should GDK have to bother? Does compiz break a contract here?



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