[compiz] Swap plugin and Compiz 0.8.0

Eduardo Gurgel edgurgel at gmail.com
Thu Feb 5 13:29:03 PST 2009



We were missing a plugin that could just exchange properties. Sometimes you
just need to minimize a window and "unminimize" other. To do it, you would
need to perform 2 or more clicks. So, we created Swap! [image: :)]


It allows you to swap the geometry of two windows. Basically we changed
Static Switcher plugin to swap active window with another window.

Here's a video to show what *Swap* can do:


**Well, I was thinking about Swap plugin being added to Compiz 0.8.0.

What do you think? Why (not) ?

Thanks for attention.

Eduardo Gurgel Pinho

(Gentoo) Linux User #415930
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