[compiz] [RFC] Draft for a compositing manager specification

Martin Gräßlin kde at martin-graesslin.com
Wed Aug 18 12:16:04 PDT 2010

On Tuesday 17 August 2010 05:00:19 Carsten Haitzler wrote:
> wm+cm now provides both frame AND window background (or is able to via its
> own frame styles) and application + toolkit now provides ARGB windows with
> what used to be the "window background" be transparent "assuming" it is
> composited onto the wm+cm provided background. so this means that wm+cm
> and toolkit need to at least agree on some content matters - like
> "contrasting colors" of wm base and toolkit widgets (labels etc.) and of
> course agree on how toolkit/app is to know this feature exists and can be
> provided, and then how the app will request it for the purpose of getting
> a "seamless" frame+title+app+bg experience. (the rest is just mechanics on
> agreeing on atom names to use, where to stick properties and what they
> mean and which data to expose/fetch where in what way).
> am i on the same page?
No :-) The idea is to get a standard on how clients and wm can activate 
effects, animations and so on.

I put a very first, very KDE-centric draft online: 
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