[compiz] Release plans

Sam Spilsbury smspillaz at gmail.com
Tue Mar 23 17:40:11 PDT 2010

Hi everyone.

So I'd like to start with an update saying that we've hit a pretty big
milestone in our 0.9.0 plans for world domination - that is that the
last plugin, DBus, has finally been ported and works. [1] The code is
currently undergoing review, and once some inconsistencies are fixed
up, it looks set for inclusion into master.

This means that along with this, a 2D GTK Window decorator, git
changes amongst other things we are extremely close to fufilling our
release criteria for an unstable 0.9.0.

So we need to sort out the logistics of a release.

I have written a release announcement that can be found on GObby. Feel
free to edit it, it's probably not perfect by any stretch of the
imagination. The next thing we need to sort out is making sure all the
branches have been swapped over and that everything can be found in
/compiz on git. We also need to update the main page and the wiki to
take into account that the 0.9 branch is the one that everyone doing
development or testing should be using. I will handle publicity
related stuff.

There are only a few more bugs that need to be fixed before a release
is all good, namely:

1. The initial stacking bug has come back again :(
2. Bug with GTK Window Decorator where reloading the decor plugin will
cause ti to fail
3. Windows disappearing when they change their title / size. I think
this was introduced only recently, so I can probably bisect to find
out what caused it and revert that commit.

Congrats everyone for staying on board and once we get 0.9.0 out of
the way, we can truly say that 1.3+ years of rather boring work
rewriting code is out of the way.

Kind Regards,


[1] http://git.compiz.org/~smspillaz/dbus

Sam Spilsbury

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