[compiz] [Announce] Compiz 0.9.2 is released!

Sam Spilsbury smspillaz at gmail.com
Sun Oct 24 12:01:19 PDT 2010

Compiz 0.9.2 is released!

This is the second unstable release of the Compiz
0.9 series. This release represents an evolution of the 0.9 development series
and brings a few minor new features and plenty of stability, speed and
It should be ready for general usage.

The Compiz 0.9.2 tarballs are available at http://releases.compiz.org/0.9.2/ .
You can verify these tarballs using the sha1sums in
http://releases.compiz.org/0.9.2/compiz-0.9.2.sha1 , which are
signed by Compiz Release Team GPG key (C2B8F46E) at
http://releases.compiz.org/0.9.2/compiz-0.9.2.sha1.asc .
Please note that each component is also available in its own directory in
http://releases.compiz.org/components/ .

Quick changelog:

 * Fixed a reparenting bug which caused some windows which provided
mismatching colormaps and visuals to not be reparented (and appear to
only display a small frame)
 * Fixed another reparenting bug which caused dock windows which
shaped themselves not to have their shape applied to their parent
 * Fixed a number of memory leaks
 * Optimized code
 * Remove cube cap image options from cube (use cubeaddon)
 * Update gtk-window-decorator for new gtk symbols introduced in the
   rendering-cleanup branch
 * Store window shadows in X11 window properties on the root window, rather
   than trying to read them over gconf or dbus. Dropped the methods to
   read them over gconf and dbus. It is now possible to change the
   shadow settings using any settings backend in ccsm for any of the decorators
 * Fixed "inside cube" mode not working
 * Allow plugins to hook window minimization, unminimization
 * Fixed keyboard navigation not working in scale
 * Allow resizing from the center of the window

 * Added "MultiAnim" class to animation - allows for animations to draw
   multiple copies of windows
 * Added support for KDE 4.5's blur hint
 * Addded "natural" scale mode, which pushes windows apart based on their
   distance from each other already when overlapping
 * Make angles and distances in cover mode for shift more configurable
 * Use libxml to write the session file for the session plugin
 * Added fake minimization (live minimized thumbnails) to the workarounds plugin

 * Completely rewritten group plugin, far fewer bugs. New API which makese a
   whole lot more sense: separate tab bar drawing into layers classes
   with overloadble methods, make the selection classes more powerful,
   use PluginStateWriter instead of in-house property-writing
 * Moved all image cube cap drawing into cubeaddon plugin

* Fixed symbol error

 * Fixed incorrect linking of backends

 * Updated icons

Additional info.

Compiz is developed both by volunteers and employees, and we'd like to thank
everyone who contributed to this release. Translators, testers, the support team
and developers: thank you, your continuous contributions made it all possible.

We hope you will enjoy using Compiz as much as we enjoyed writing it!

- The Compiz Team

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