[compiz] Reviving compiz.org - quest for information

Kristian LyngstĂžl kristian at bohemians.org
Mon Nov 10 09:45:43 PST 2014

compiz.org hasn't been updated properly in almost half a decade, and
there's a lot of misleading or downright wrong information out there right

There's a launchpad ticket on it [1], but the subject isn't quite covered
by a simple bug as it stands.

First thing first: Compiz has been using version 0.9 for almost half a
decade, and clearly deviated from past conventions of using 0.<odd> for
development and 0.<even> for stable. In addition, a fourth digit has been

In the long run I'd like to see the project drop the fourth digit and
instead go back to actively using the digits we have available. Adding a
digit instead of bumping the ones we have seems pretty silly.

In the short run, though, we should update compiz.org to reflect reality.
I'm a bit conflicted as to what to put there. On one side I'm not very
happy that the project moved from an independent system to the
canonical/Ubuntu-umbrella, on the other hand, it's been 4+ years so it's a
bit late for regrets.

I suggest we remove most of the broken parts of the web page (tweets,
planet, latest commits), Nuke most of the text and put up:

- A simple text explaining what Compiz is
- A link to the latest version, stable and development (if there are two)
- A link to the launchpad bug tracker and source repo
- Information about #compiz and #compiz-dev
- A short text outlining the difference between unity and compiz (to avoid
- A reference to this list - I've been told it's still watched by current
maintainers to some degree (if not, then I guess I'm talking to an empty
room, in which case, who are you?)
- A big statement warning users that the wiki might be out of date.

I am willing to do all this, if I'm granted access. If nobody protests, I
will ask our benevolent sysadmin-dictator to set it up for me.

On an other note, I am also planning to do some light work on Compiz itself
(seeing as how Debian now longer ships with Compiz, I was forced to do
something for practical reasons). More on this later, but to begin with
it'll probably be what I started with in 2006: Build stuff and fixing
breakages. (It would be nice if I could get ccp to not segfault, for

[1] https://bugs.launchpad.net/compiz/+bug/1025200

- Kristian
(Yeah, I'm as surprised as anyone else to see me actively posting here)
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