[ConsoleKit] [gdm-list] Reworked patch for multi-seat and multi-display support

Hai-Tao Halton Huo Halton.Huo at Sun.COM
Tue Jun 9 22:28:05 PDT 2009

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Hi Ray,

Thanks for your comments at

I've finished the tasks below and now the new patch is ready for review.

1 Use separate .disp file for display type, remove display-types.conf
  install .disp files to /etc/ConsoleKit/displays.d/,
  each .disp file represent a display type.
2 Only use Command in .disp file, remove Arguments/UseAuth/Chooser/Priority
3 Remove priority code
4 When adding/removing displays, CK should emit signal instead of
  calling GDM method directly
  For org.freedesktop.ConsoleKit.Seat
     add signal  SessionToAdd and SessionToRemove
     add method  ManageSeat
  For org.freedesktop.ConsoleKit.Manager
     remove method CreateStaticSessions
     add method GetUnmanagedSeats
5 Use a{sv} for dbus method CreateDisplay, since
  task #2 is done, there are only two parameters need to be send with
  signal, this work is not necessary
6 Rewrite ck-dynamic to reflect change in task #4
7 Rewrite ck_display_type_new()
8 Remove method org.freedesktop.ConsoleKit.Manager.ListCreatedSessions.
  Let ck-dynamic do the GetSeats() and filtering dynamic displays itself
9 make ck_seat_add_display(), ck_seat_set_display_type() and ck_seat_get_displ
  return a gbooolean
10 Remove unused create_display_with_parameters()
11 Comments should appear before the lines they're commenting on, not after.
12 Reverse Name and Version back
13 Figure out X11_DIR from pkg-config

The new patches links are:
* https://bugs.freedesktop.org/attachment.cgi?id=26451
  ConsoleKit part based on branch multi-seat by commit
* http://bugzilla.gnome.org/attachment.cgi?id=135995&action=view
  GDM part based on branch display-configuration by commit

There is only one task left - represent seat and display in
configuration files. I ever asked it before, but seems you miss that
email, please see the attached email and let me know your idea.

I saw you pushed the above changes to branches already, thanks for that.
BTW, I've got the account request for freedesktop, many thanks for pushing that.

[1] Design document (updated):

[2] Test report:

[3] ConsoleKit bug (updated):

[4] GDM bug(updated):

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