[ConsoleKit] extend ConsoleKit to support fast reboot on OpenSolaris x86

Lennart Poettering lennart at poettering.net
Wed Sep 9 08:47:24 PDT 2009

On Wed, 09.09.09 11:03, David Zeuthen (zeuthen at gmail.com) wrote:

> > I see it like this: if the user tries to reboot, then probably because
> > something is really wrong. If computers and their software were
> > without bugs there would not be a reason to manually reboot
> > ever. Which is the reason why I think that manually triggered reboot
> > shuld always be the 'hardest' reset avaiable.
> I don't agree with this. Lots of developers like to reboot their
> boxen, for a multitude of reasons, and they shouldn't have to be
> forced use the slow path. Also, see below.

Developers can always type some flavour of "reboot" in a shell, they
are not the ones the GNOME UI should cater for.

This is not KDE.

> > OTOH there are automatically triggered reboots, most importantly after
> > a software upgrade. In this case rebooting is not really a choice
> > of the user but was asked for by the guy who designed the package that
> > was upgraded. Because fast boots are actually much much faster than hard
> > resets in this case the user's work should be disrupted only
> > minimally, hence a fast reboot is advisable.
> >
> > Summary: fast reboots are just nicer to the user, so use them wen it
> > is safe to use them. Otherwise use full resets.
> But I think this logic MUST be implemented in reboot(8) / kexec /
> whatever. E.g. leave the task of properly implementing "fall back to
> slow reboot if fast reboot doesn't work for whatever reason" [1] to
> reboot(8) - if you don't then commandline users of reboot(8) will be
> annoyed _anyway_.

Sure. In the end it should be implemented as another switch for
shutdown(8). However, that does not mean that CK should not provide a
D-Bus wrapper around this to make this available for user services
such as pkgkit.

> > (But then again, I think the whole discussion is not too useful at
> > all, since rebooting In my opinion should be handled only be upstart,
> > and CK should be out of the game)
> Not sure I agree. Rebooting a box is actually much more complicated
> than just calling reboot(8). You need to do at least the following
> things
>  - check that the user is authorized (the needed authorization depends on
>    whether there are more than one session)

I don't have a problem whith Upstart calling into PK.


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