[ConsoleKit] extend ConsoleKit to support fast reboot on OpenSolaris x86

David Zeuthen zeuthen at gmail.com
Wed Sep 9 08:46:25 PDT 2009

Hi again,

Thinking more about this, what we probably want is a method on the CK
Manager object that will return an array of possible OSes that the
user can reboot to

 GetAvailableOperatingSystems(out array<OperatingSystem>);

with something like

 struct OperatingSystem
   string os_id;
   string os_vendor;
   string os_version;
   string os_name;
   boolean default;

where os_vendor ('fedora', 'ubuntu', 'kubuntu', 'suse', 'sun',
'microsoft'), os_version ('11', '6.06', 'Vista', '7', ...) and os_name
('Fedora 11', 'Ubunty Dapper', 'Microsoft XP', ...) being defined in
the CK docs. And 'id' would be an opaque identifier (with few
guarantees - might change after a reboot / reconfiguration) that is
supposed to be used with

 RebootIntoOperatingSystem(in string os_id, boolean make_default);

or something.

That way, the GNOME shutdown/reboot dialog can be smart about things
and perhaps offer a combo box only if more than one OS is available.
And CK can be smart and pass the right flags to reboot(8) to use e.g.
fastboot or not. And OS vendors can plug in various code to parse
/etc/grub.conf or whatever. Or leave it empty if they don't care.


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